Sunday, April 21, 2002

NYC Blogfest!

After a rather painful day of recovery yesterday, I am finally prepared to write my report on the NYC blogfest. I had a simply fantastic time. I wish to once again thank our wonderful co-hosts Asparagirl and Orchid. You are both brilliant, kind and overflowing with positive energy.

If I have any regrets about the blogfest, it is that I did not have a chance to meet everyone at the party. This is largely the fault of Amy and Martin Langfield. A more interesting, attractive and wise couple I have yet to meet. I met Amy and Martin early in the evening, and most of the next 2 (or was it 3..) hours were simply comsumed by an extremely wide range of fascinating topics--from British politics (and football), to US policies in Latin America (something Martin is eminently qualified to discuss), to the cult TV classic The Prisoner. And this is merely to scratch the surface. (Note: Not only do I blame these two amazing people for my failure to meet everyone, but I think it is safe to say much of my hangover was due to Amy's destructive influence...)

I hope and expect the Langfield's and I will become very close friends in the days to come. If they were the only people I met, I would still consider it a fantastic evening. But wait there's more!

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan McArdle, who more than lived up to my high expectations for brilliance and charm that had been built up by her fine site. See the next post for a somewhat funny anecdote regarding a discussion I had with Megan.

I also had the supreme joy of meeting Sasha Castel. Her site proclaims her love and knowledge of opera music. But who would have guessed she had such a wealth of knowledge about 80's music? I consider my 80's music knowledge to be excellent (yes, I know this is nothing of which to be particularly proud), but Sasha put me in my place by correcting an erroneous statement I made regarding Duran Duran's "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" album! (You would have to know me to know how shocking this is.) Unfortunately, I had a few too many post-Langfeld beers in me to have any meaningful discussion with Sasha, but it would be my hope that our paths with cross once again in the future.

I also had the chance to meet Raghu Ramachandran, who was also also clearly a man of great intelligence and charm, as well as an all too brief encounter with Lane McFadden. Orchid says that Lane will be organizing the next NYC blogfest. If so, I will do my very best to attend.

My friend Jenny Schuessler (with friend of her own) also made an appearance. Though she too was then drawn into conversation with Martin Langfield. Someday soon we will actaully have to have a real conversation Jenny.

Ok, time to end this post. Thanks again Orchid and Asparagirl!