Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Hello World

After months of procrastination, here (finally) begins my Blog. There are several reasons why today is the day that I have finally overcome my lazy nature. The most pressing of which is the upcoming big apple blog bash. I came across the invite on asparagirl's page. Though all are invited, I would feel somewhat guilty attending said blogfest without an actual blog of my own. Plus this will give me a chance to pre-introduce myself to some of the other attendees who may have a chance to read this before Friday evening.

I was introduced to the world of blogs through Virginia Postrel's fine site. I am not sure how I stumbled upon her site, but I had read The Future and Its Enemies some months before and truly enjoyed it (I am on nearly all issues, a dynamist). Virginia then led to Instapundit, and the rest (as they say) is history. Now I have a 6 blog a day (or more...) habit. But I could stop anytime. Really.

Asparagirl is a recent addition to my blogging addiction. I look forward to meeting her as well as her co-host Orchid Friday. I also eagerly anticipate meeting the undeniably brilliant Megan McArdle. Being a fellow econ geek (see below), I appreciate her Herculean efforts to explain economic concepts in simple to digest (as well as highly amusing) terms. I am waiting anxiously for her promised post on the Coase Theorem (ahh, the joys of fully defined property rights!)

My Political Views
Recently, VodkaPundit labeled Virginia Postrel a "Sensible Shoes' Libertarian", as opposed to the overly rigid Combat Boot Libertarians or the too "Republicanesque" Golf Shoe Libertarians. That is as good a label as any for me as well, I suppose. I am libertarian in spirit, but often willing to sacrifice *some* principle to pragmatic reality. Being a former debater, I am all too familiar with the slippery slope arguments that can result from my current views (also, I am a "reformed" Combat Boot Libertarian, so at times in the past I've made such arguments. Ugghh.)

Some Personal Info
I don't intend this site to be as much about me as about ideas, but given my impending attendance at NYC blogfest, I will share some info on myself. I am 32 years old and currently live in Chicago (I am in NYC this week for both business and pleasure). I am a '91 graduate from Harvard in Economics, where I focused on Microeconomics and Game Theory. I am 6 foot 2, fairly athletic (5 time marathon runner) but currently lugging around about 15 pounds of winter laziness around with me. But as Jon Lovitz in the role of "Middle Aged Man" said on Saturday Night Live, "I got the Abdominizer..I'm working on it!" I am also bald (to see why read this). I should not be the hardest person to locate at the party!

I will be joined at the party by my lovely and talented friend, Jennifer Schuessler. She can use the word "marmoreally" in a sentence. Can you? (Ok, I will admit I had to look it up...)

Ok, time to end my first post and go for a run (those 15 pounds are not going away by themselves!)

Ross Nordeen points out that it was in fact Mike Myers, not Jon Lovitz that played the role of Middle Aged Man. A major factual error on my very first post. The horror! But I am delighted to receive my first reader correction.